Tips to Avoid Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Tips to Avoid Air Duct Cleaning Scams

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While many professional services do not scare you into signing expensive agreements to clean the air duct, there are a few who try to make the extra buck. This is when a judgment call has to be taken. It makes sense to take a few steps to avoid being swallowed into a scam

Full Service

If you are going to clean, do not do anything half-baked. Get a complete service. Do not just clean the air duct? Clean the entire system. That way you can be sure that you will not need any cleaning done in the near future. A full service makes you clean completely.


Ask around. Read other reviews. Check out the service center. Look out for any possible cases or suits that have been filed. The background of the office may also be looked into. If the customers who have used these service are satisfied, chances are they are genuine and will not try to swindle money out of you by unnecessarily insisting on cleaning of the air duct.

Do not fall for beautiful words

It is the duty of the marketing guy to manipulate you into signing up for the cleaning of the air ducts in your house with charming words that could scare you into taking serious action. They are all not true.  Sales gimmicks such as ‘$ 69 for a spic and span house’ are meant to entice you into cleaning an already clean house. Beware.


It is prudent to look into the documents and previous certificates. Popular agencies credit and validate certain agencies after putting them through various tests. These certifications are proof that the agency is a good one and will not take you for a ride.

Check the standards

There are guidelines and protocols issued by concerned authorities with respect to the cleaning of the air ducts. The respective cleaning agencies ought to follow them all to the T. This is a good way to check out the agency and ensure that the practices are followed without any malpractice or fraud.

Study the results

Nothing but data will give you the necessary proof. if you want to be convinced, the evidence is to be looked into. No words from smart marketing managers are good enough.

Avoid sealants and sprays

Harmful chemicals inside the air ducts must be completely avoided. Some companies offer sprays and gaseous sealants that are meant to be used in the air ducts. These are the chemicals that are the killers. Whilst the tiny dust particles may not cause you harm, these chemicals are most likely to cause injury to your lungs.

Avoid Steam Cleaning

If the air duct cleaning includes steam and moisture, that should be avoided completely. They are also likely to cause damage to the system thereby increasing pollution.

It is not proven that air duct cleaning can save lives. Nor is it established that the possible pollutants in the air ducts are the only contaminants in the air. Be prudent. Do not get pulled into any cleaning scam.

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How Are Air Ducts Cleaned

How Are Air Ducts Cleaned

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What is air duct cleaning?

This refers to the cleaning of the heating and cooling components in the system.  Normally forced air systems such as air conditioners require this cleaning.

Is it a must?

There have been no studies or research proving that if the air ducts are not cleaned, there would be severe health consequences.  There has been no document issued stating that one should have the air ducts cleaned.

Should you have the air ducts cleaned in your home?

Since it is not proven that the air ducts are one of the sources of pollutants in the living room airspace, it is not vital that the air ducts have to be cleaned. It may be cleaned once in a few years.  That can be a judgment call that can be taken in time.

What is the pollutant?

The air that one breathes in must be clear from pollutants and toxic material. That is a given. The air duct that exists in heating and cooling systems play a big role ought to be clean too. It is possible that if the air from the duct is filled with dust and grime, that is what will fill the air, thereby causing pollution.

air duct that exists in heating and cooling systems

Is it true?

Most of the dust and the grime that exists in the air ducts will adhere to the duct surface. It is not bound to enter the air space in the living room. It is vital to remember that there are many sources of pollutants in the air. The air duct is just one possible source. It is neither proved nor verified.

When should you get the air duct cleaned?

There are a few symptoms that indicate the need for cleaning the air duct.

  • Substantial presence of the growth of molds (they are bacteria mostly).
  • Vermin and rodents
  • If someone in the family is ill for a long time
  • If the house has been renovated recently or shifting has taken place

 How are Air Ducts Cleaned?

Cleaning of the air duct is a four step process

  • Clean the system

Air ducts are available both in the heating system as well as the cooling system. The furnace is also included. During an air duct cleaning process, ensure that the whole system is cleaned. Disconnect the power first. Vacuum the interiors of the system. Clean the cooling coils along with the bowler unit.

air duct furnace

  • Clean the supply and return the grills and the registers

Remove the floor, the ceiling and the wall registers. Wash the registers with a properly certified cleaner that will not pollute the environment further. Using natural cleaning substances is also a good idea to avoid toxic residues.

  • Clean the supply and return the ducts

Good powerful cleaning equipment may be used to clean the air ducts. You may use a good sealer and a spray to keep it clean.

  • Install an electrostatic air filter

This air filter will keep the air duct clean and prevent entry of the dust particles. A solid odor kill can prevent odor for approximately three months.

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Cheap Air Duct Cleaning Is Not Really That CHEAP

Cheap Air Duct Cleaning Is Not Really That CHEAP

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Marketing about Air Duct Cleaning

When there are so many articles and news items about air duct cleaning, a lot of it must be pure hype.  There is no limit to what many companies might do to increase business. Fear is a powerful factor. The fact that this fear can be preyed upon is a very scary thing. People will do anything when their insecurities are attacked. Many corporate companies use this weakness to increase their profits. Air duct cleaning scam is one of the most popular scams that are causing high traffic on the internet.

Professional cleaning services

Not many people like to get their hands dirty. It is more than likely that they would use outside help to clean the heating and cooling system.  This is what gave rise to professional cleaning services. They are here to do what you are not willing to do yourself. There is a cost attached, of course.

heating and cooling system

What is the scam?

Air Ducts Dust cleaning has become incredibly popular over the years. It has become some kind of a fancy activity that air conditioner owners do once in a while and then brag about it. It is a time-consuming activity and is not done by home owners all the time. Professionals are called to take over the air duct cleaning.  It has become such a hit that commercial cleaning services have popped up everywhere.

Cheap Air Duct Cleaning is not really that cheap

There is no such thing as a free meal. Similarly, a low costing air duct cleaning is just a fantasy. If the advertisement says that the cleaning process is very cheap, then you must look out for the hidden meaning. The fine print will say a lot more when looked at closely.

The cheap coupons

The cheap coupons are truly magical. While the reputable services do not stop their prices to bait customers, the fake ones offer really cheap coupons. These coupons turn out to be very expensive. No matter how much you spend on a company that resorts to such tricks, the job is not likely to be well done. The reputable companies will cost a bomb for their expert services but it will be totally worth it. There is no add-on charges or services that you are forced to sign on for later on. What you see is what you get.

 Signs that you are being taken for a ride

  • The price is incredibly and unbelievably low
  • There is an immediate and instant upsell due to the existing danger
  • There is a pressure to clean the air duct immediately
  • Random warnings are issued to clean urgently or to vacate the premises
Bottom line

Air duct cleaning is not as cheap as it sounds. There are irresistible coupons that offer fantastic deals and cheap prices. It is a given that there is a catch. The trick is not to give in. it is not possible to catch the scam in time.


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