Which garage door is best? -The Second Best Door In The House

Which garage door is best? -The Second Best Door In The House

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The importance of a garage door

It can be quite ironic but it is also true that the garage door is possibly used more often than the front door by the house owners.  Since the car is the main mode of transport, entry to the house is made via the garage. The garage doors are opened from the outside with the help of remote controls. Once the car is parked and the garage door is closed, entry to the house is made from the garage.

Garage doors are often large enough to make room for the entry of automobiles and other vehicles. They are large doors that are made in many jointed panels. They roll up on tracks above the doorway or across the garage ceiling.

Uses of a garage door

This door protects more than the car. The garage is used to store many other things such as sports equipment and sometimes even a spare refrigerator.  Sometimes, furniture not in use is also kept in the garage.

Uses of a garage door

Uses of a garage door

The Right Garage Door

It is a significant task in deciding the right garage door. The process can either be fun or tedious. The factors to be taken into consideration while deciding the right garage door include the design style, insulation, safety and the material used to build the door. The spring design and the warranty also matter in deciding the best garage door.

garage door design style

Brands of Garage Doors

Today, the market has a variety of brands that manufacture garage doors.  They are specialists who know what it takes to build the door that is loved by the customer. Some of the brands that are quite popular today include Liftmaster, craftsman, chamberlain, and Raynor.  Chamberlain is also involved in making its own brand of openers.


The Chamberlain group is known for being the makers of the world’s largest garage doors. They have a variety of models that include jackshaft, chain drive and belt drive garage doors.

Chamberlain outranks all other garage door openers as the top pick. The Chamberlain WD822KD is currently the favourite in the market.

The WD stands for whisper drive. Chamberlain is also the hand behind Liftmaster garage door opener, which is a popular line of models that are installed professionally.

Chamberlain garage door

Why is Chamberlain amongst the most recommended?

  • The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener is amongst one of the most affordable garage door openers.
  • This considered as the top most smart garage openers
  • It is very easy to install making it an obvious choice of garage doors
  • This will let you open and close from just about anywhere only with the help of the internet.
  • It lets you set custom alert
  • You can monitor the door from far. The opening and the closing of the door will be intimated to you on your set device as per your instructions.
  • The entire MyQ kit is made up of two main hardware components. One is a base station that attaches itself to the ceiling of the garage near the current opener. The other is a sensor unit that will adhere to your garage door.
  • It has a broad compatibility. It will work on your current garage hardware.
  • The inclusive adaptability allows you to connect to the device and interact with a variety of connected home platforms.
  • Interoperability is one of its strongest suits.


The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener is one of the best garage doors. It comes with a MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller which ensures that you are notified of any movement in the door in your absence.  With easy installation and connectivity with devices, the door is the best choice. A simple tap on your phone and you are good to go.

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How do they make it ? – Garage doors

How do they make it ? – Garage doors

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Garage doors provide entry to your garage and sometimes your home as well. They can be opened mechanically or with the help of an electric garage door opener. Understanding what goes into the making of a garage door helps you to choose the most effective garage door for your property.

Material used in the manufacture of garage doors

The most popular materials used in the manufacture of garage doors are:

Wood Garage Doors

In the beginning the garage doors were made of wood. People seeking a traditional appeal to their homes prefer wooden garage doors. These doors maybe slightly more expensive than the other types. Wood is a natural material and hence prone to wear and tear from the natural elements. This damage can be minimised with meticulous care and regular maintenance.

Wood Garage Doors

Steel Garage Door

it is the go to material if you are looking at low maintenance and cost effectiveness. Steel is prone to rust, scratches and dents which can be effectively resolved by choosing a sturdy steel gauge material.

Steel Garage Door

Aluminium Garage Doors

Aluminium doors come in various thicknesses and they have sturdy frames which are laminated, dent resistant and also rust proof. Lightweight aluminium doors may be a smart choice if you are looking at garages with double doors as this won’t put much strain on the garage door openers.

Aluminium Garage Doors


Fibre glass Garage Doors

Garage doors built with fibre glass are considered tougher than regular doors. They are not affected by sudden climatic changes and can be customised to cater to client needs.

Process of making the garage door

Panel Cutting

A typical garage door used in residential properties is made up of four panels. Each panel is a sheet of metal which is coated one side with polyester paint. The sheets are then run through rollers which imprint the desired textures on to the sheets. Then they pass through a press which imprints the design on the sheets.

Folding and Painting

Automated machines are used to cut the sheets to standard dimensions and the corners are then folded. This creates half inch joints for attaching panels. The paint used is elastic and stretches when bent. The back of the sheets are coated with high metallic industrial glue to make provisions for screws, hinges and the lift handles which are attached at a later stage. The sheets are joined together to make a panel and are closed with blocks to make the panels airtight.

Insulation and Stickering

Stickers explaining the installation, maintenance and safety features are then placed on the sheets. The next step is to fill the hollow cavity with polyurethane foam, which is a special type of plastic insulation designed to penetrate spaces which are hard to access. The polyurethane expands and solidifies into a hardened core for the garage door. This material also has the additional advantage of not making garage doors heavy.

Sealing and Accessories

The doors are further fitted with components like a rubber weather seal to prevent cold air and water from entering into garage. Provisions are made for other features like windows which allow natural light to filter into the garage. Finally, the hardware that goes into installing the garage door like door handles, hinges, screws, springs etc., are boxed along with the door in order to be assembled later.

The above-mentioned process is a generally followed one. There could be variations depending on the materials used and technological advances.

Types of garage doors

 Customers can always choose from four basic options:

  • Swing out garage doors
  • Swing up doors
  • Roll up doors and
  • Slide to the side doors.

Choosing the correct type of garage doors goes a long way in providing you a safe and easy access to your garage and by extension your home as well.


Garage doors can impact the appearance, aesthetic look, safety and value of your property. So, go ahead and make the right choice.

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Overhead Garage Doors – Repair, Replacement made easy with a Checklist

Overhead Garage Doors – Repair, Replacement made easy with a Checklist

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Almost all homes that come with attached garages, these are used as the main point of entry as well as exit from the house.

Garage doors are large and can be operated either manually or with an electric motor.  The mechanism that operates these large doors are set up in such a way as to manage the entire load of the door and maintain smooth functioning.

What also, cannot be denied is that the garage door is a bulky object that requires sound mobility systems.  It is most imperative, that you ensure that it remains in good working condition, and, is safe and secure to use for a long time to come.

Overhead Garage Door Repair

Overhead garage door repair, does require specialised set of skills, as these are heavy moving objects and do require constant care and attention.

Overhead Garage doors come with several moving parts, which can go through tremendous amount of wear and tear or they simply get misaligned.  These moving parts are so crucial to the functioning of the door, that in the event that even one part not being in the best of health, it can lead to the entire door malfunctioning.

Some of the common areas where you may need to seek help with overhead door repairs can be listed as under:

Garage Door Spring Repair:

Springs happen to be the lifeline of your overhead door.  Without the spring functioning optimally, be sure that the door may simply not open or shut.  So, you are going to need assistance with getting the right kind of springs as well as they are fit properly.

Overhead Garage Door Spring Repair

Adjustments Due to the Door having Alignment Problems:

This could either be sorted out yourself if there is a minor problem.  Otherwise, you certainly need to seek professional help.

Garage Door having Alignment Problems

Problems with the Rollers, Hinges and Opener:

All of these may require technical expertise to help sort them out.  As these parts are very crucial aspects, they are best handled by experts.

overhead door Hinges and Opener

Garage Door Replacement

In the event that you decide to go in for an Overhead Garage Door Replacement, you need to be sure that your problems will end.  You will surely have to make a well-researched decision with regards to the brand as well as the features offered.  The replacement door should most definitely offer you all of the features that your old door offered, plus several newer features that offer more benefits.

You definitely need to be sure that your new door comes with new parts like tracks, springs as well as rollers.

Be sure, that you do not get into a situation wherein your Garage Door Replacement comes with second hand parts.

After all, the garage, though attached externally to your home, is an important and integral part of your home and will need to me maintained from time to time.  So much so, that when the time is set for replacement, you need to direct your efforts to procure a door, that is high on quality and provides value for your investment.

good overhead garage door investment

In the event, that you do settle in to opt for a garage door replacement, make sure you get an estimate from a few vendors as well as sound advice on what design, style and automation will suit your garage best.

Overhead Garage Door Safety Checklist

Since it is imperative, that your garage door requires a lot of care and maintenance, it will certainly help if you have some sort of an Overhead Garage Door Safety Checklist.  This can help you get a grip over how serious or minor the problem is.

  • Inspect Visually:
    Keep observing the garage door springs, pulleys, cables and all other hardware for any malfunctioning or wear and tear.  On spotting any trouble areas, it is imperative that you seek expert help.  Any problem that is detected earlier itself, can be sorted with minimal expenses.
  • Do not come in the way of a garage door while it is in motion. Also keep your hands away from joints, hinges and other parts of the door.
  • Children should not be allowed to use remote controls and other parts as toys.
  • Run a monthly check on the reversing mechanism.
  • The balance of the door should be done at regular intervals. You can schedule them for once in a month (very ideal) or at least once in a quarter.

Keep these pointers in mind, and you can be sure that your overhead Garage door functions just fine.




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A few DIY overhead door repair tips before trouble starts brewing

A few DIY overhead door repair tips before trouble starts brewing

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Do not turn a deaf ear to the creaking sound that accompanies the opening and closing of the garage door. For your own safety and that of your family do not overlook your overhead garage door repair. Your negligence can become a costly affair and might even lead to the overhead door replacement which can be avoided with timely intervention and repair.

Image result for overhead door replacement

If you neglect the first symptoms then you will be staring at a door that stubbornly refuses to function. With regular maintenance overhead door repair is possible and you can avoid distressing situations. In fact there are several DIY tips listed below which will help you fix the most common problems that ail garage doors.

Common overhead door problems

The commonest problems that you can fix yourself in your overhead doors are related to the

  • Overhead Door opening and closing
  • The Overhead opener remote functioning
  • The wall switch functioning
  • Lubricating
  • Power issues
  • Travel of the door.

Let us look at some DIY tips that can keep a host of garage door problems at bay and allow smooth functioning.

 Overhead Door issues

Invariably you might be confounded when the door doesn’t close, doesn’t close by itself or opens very slowly (very irritating when you are in a rush). Most of the doors have a sensor photo eye which controls the opening and closing of the overhead door. You can check if the sensor is misaligned or if anything is blocking its way and remove the obstacle and realign the sensor.

When the door takes eternally to open: the most plausible reason is a broken spring which needs replacement. It is better if a professional does this one alone because of the difficulty level.

Overhead Door issues

Remote issues

Door opens and closes by itself: this problem has its base in the circuit board and the most common issue would be dead batteries in the remote. Change the batteries and see if the door functions normally. You can either change the frequency of the remote or you can buy an universal remote.

Overhead Door Remote

Wall switch

Sometimes the remote will be working fine but the wall switch remains inert. To find out what is the cause unscrew the unit and touch the two wires together to see if the opener runs. If the opener runs then just change the switch. If it doesn’t, it means the wires are faulty and need to be replaced.

overhead door Wall switch

 Bulbs won’t light up

Check the bulb first to see they are working fine. You will need to remember that if you use wrong wattage you are at the risk of a fire hazard and you will also damage the socket. In case the bulbs are fine and still don’t light up the problem lies in the socket. Remove the circuit board and throw the old socket. Reinstall a new socket and put the circuit board back again.

 Trolley carriage

If a trolley carriage is broken then the door won’t open. To replace the broken trolley is a little hard work but not too complicated.  First and foremost secure the chain and separate it from both sides of the trolley. Disengage the rail and remove the old trolley and place the new one and reattach the chain.

It is crucial that you check the chain tension because too much tension will lead to wear and tear of the shaft and too little will cause the chain to dislodge and fall on the car.

overhead door  Trolley carriage


To put to rest a lot of creaking noises lubrication is a must. You should ensure that you use a lubricant that doesn’t gather dirt; silicone spray is a preferred option.

Solve it before it balloons into a major crisis

You can nip the problem in the bud, if you maintain the garage door as a matter of routine. It is during regular maintenance that little niggles like the above can be repaired by you before they turn into a major problem.  It is good to DIY but when you are unable to set something right seek professional help.


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A New Overhead Door – Guidelines

A New Overhead Door – Guidelines

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You own a house and take care of your property with immense care.  The attached garage should not be neglected, just because it is situated in the exterior.

A garage door takes up almost close to 30% to 40% of the exterior of your home.  This makes it all the more imperative, that your overhead garage door is visually appealing as well as suits your needs and is functional and safe.  All in one package.

A New Overhead Door

But, what is a given, is that, no matter how much you tend to it and nurture it there are times when the overhead door gives way.  The minor niggles begin to creep in.  These eventually go on to become larger problems.

Your overhead Garage Door may begin to squeak, rattle, bounce etc.  Over a period of time these problems begin to surface more often and finally you realise that it is better to go in for a new overhead garage door.

Overhead Garage Door Repair

No doubt, Overhead Garage Door Repair is one of the options that you need to consider at first.  But then, again this depends on how serious the issue is and whether or not you can sort out the issue yourself.

overhead garage door repair option

For instance

  • In case of a problem with the garage door spring, caused due to the spring breaking, or needing adjustment, you will certainly ned to seek external and technical help. What with different kinds of springs being available, you need to know which one is required for your kind of overhead door.  There could also be a situation where in the spring only requires to be adjusted and not replaced.


  • Similarly, there could be various other problem areas, such as the overhead door moving out of alignment. If this is an isolated problem, then of course, you could choose to attend to it without going in for a complete check.

overhead door moving out of alignment

  • Overhead Door Repair can also mean issues with the garage door rollers. As the rollers facilitate the movement of the door in the track, it is but natural for them to age due to constant use.  In case of a breakage here, they may have to be replaced.  Else, they can be kept going with just some amount of lubrication.

garage door rollers

  • At times, the door hinges can also spell trouble, in the event that they rust, break or simply get jammed. No doubt, one of the easier issues to deal with, but nevertheless, these have to be attended to.


  • Problems with the garage door opener.

garage door opener


Overhead Door Replacement

Dealing with a few or all of these problems will surely bring you to a situation where you decide to go in for an Overhead Door Replacement.

No doubt a major as well as an expensive decision ensure that the overhead replacement door you settle for comes with all the latest features and safety aspects such as:

  • Effective lighting system that gets active every time the doors are opened.
  • Accident Prevention where you are able to stop a closing door or force it open to prevent any kind of accident.
  • Battery with a back-up package.

Last but not the least, ensure that you collect estimates for the replacement process and settle for one that suits your pocket.

A Guide to A New Overhead Door

Owing to the fact that you need to take care of so many aspects while replacing your existing overhead door it will help to have a kind of a guide or a ready reckoner to help you go through the process.

Cost of Garage Doors

Once you are sure that you have to replace your door, a thorough evaluation of the various brands, styles as well as something that fits your budget is a good way to start.  There are plenty of choices out there like aluminium garage doors, steel garage doors, wood garage doors and composite wood garage doors. There is for sure no dearth of choice.

Do you require an Insulated Door?

As your garage door does help in reducing noise as well as protection from extreme weather conditions. It will most definitely help to go in for an insulated door.

overhead Insulated Door

Safety Features

This implies how sturdy the material is to keep out intruders and break-ins and also survive severe weather conditions.


How often and how easily the overhead door can be maintained is very crucial.


This is important as you sure do not want to be replacing your overhead door very often.

Warranty Period and all that gets covered under it.

You cover these aspects and be sure you are on the right track towards securing a good overhead Garage Door.

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What to do when your overhead door needs repair

What to do when your overhead door needs repair

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A stitch in time saves nine. The moment there is a need for an overhead door repair, it ought to be taken care of before it snowballs into a bigger issue.

Overhead garage doors and shutters are mechanical equipment that requires efficient and regular maintenance. They need to be kept an eye on frequently and lubricated with care to avoid avoidable depreciation and wear and tear. Weather stripping must be taken care of as the winters can be harsh on them. Regular checks must be made on the hinges, rollers, cables, springs and the tracks of the overhead door repair. The remote control equipment must be replaced with the batteries as and when required. The electronic connections and the wiring must be watched out for.

The moment anything gives out, there are signs indicating that repairs are due. What you should do is look out for those signs and get ready to sort them out of the moment the signs say so.

There are two options to repair an overhead garage door

you could do it yourself and solve the problem or call in a professional to do the job for you.

There are various articles and videos on the internet explaining how the jobs ought to be done. From the simplest to the most complicated repair jobs are explained on the internet. With the necessary tools and the aptitude to repair, almost anything can be taken care of at home.

Two brown garage doors with strong vertical lines

The other option is to call in overhead door professionals. The best thing to do is to contact a specialist to take care of mechanical issues. They are the ones who concentrate on the particular equipment and are experts in the overhead doors field. There are certain things that ought not to be messed with. One such thing is the overhead door repair.

The consequences of not taking care of the repair work on time or not doing it well are severe. The whole home security is at stake for one. Anyone and everyone could enter the home premises through the broken or not properly closed garage door. The vehicles and machinery stored in the garage could be damaged if the doors are not weather proofed properly. Leaking cold air from the winters or water flooding due to rains flooding the garage is not good at all.

The problem with these garage doors is that you do not notice the problem until it’s too late.

Like cancer. You could be on the way to work, or to a party. Last minute issues in the garage door cause a breakdown over all.

What should you look for?

Modern white garage door

There are various signs that tell you when the overhead door needs repair. Once you notice them, you could solve the issue yourself or call in the specialist.

It is prudent to have some essential tools at home in order to solve the minor issues yourself. Educating yourself in the work of repair always has its merits. Most importantly, you are independent and can handle it yourself. Time and money can be saved.

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