Why professional carpet cleaning is much better than DIY?

Why professional carpet cleaning is much better than DIY?

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Choosing between professional carpet cleaning and DIY can be greatly dependent on your budget and how dirty your carpet is.

DIY vacuuming vs. professional carpet cleaning

Vacuuming is a means of maintaining your carpet. It needs to be done on a regular basis, depending on the footfalls on your carpet. It does not help removing deep stains, smell and definitely does not disinfect the carpet.

Need for professional carpet cleaning

With repeated use, the carpet would need to be cleaned off its stains, grime which may not come off with mere vacuuming. Mere vacuuming will not be able to give it the original look and feel. It will also not help disinfect the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning enables disinfecting the carpet, thereby preventing diseases and illnesses.

When is professional carpet cleaning needed

When carpet is used repeatedly, grime and pollutants settle deeply. The carpet loses color, if there are pets, they tend to soil the carpet. This could leave a stench that may refuse to leave even after repeated vacuuming. Children could spill food and leave deep stains on the carpet. In such scenario, it becomes easier to opt for a professional carpet cleaning.

How is professional carpet cleaning superior to vacuuming?

DIY carpet cleaning is nothing but vacuuming which can remove small stains and help maintain the carpet. It could also help remove dust which is settled on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning could use the same chemicals as your DIY. Their machines are high end and thus can enable removing even the toughest stains and stench.

Chemicals used in DIY and professional carpet cleaning

DIY cleaning and professional carpet cleaning uses the same set of chemicals. Often a number of chemicals used may be different. To remove major stains and odor problems additional chemicals may be used. The machines used by professional carpet cleaners are powerful to remove major stains, grime, pollutant, dust, odors. Home improvement stores have chemicals for cleaning carpet, which can be bought over the counter. These chemicals are used for carpets and rugs, they are similar fabric and need the same treatment.

professional carpet cleaning

Cost factor

The deciding factor for using DIY or professional cleaners is the budget. Often budget could be the main constraint. Professional carpet cleaners could charge anything in between $25 – $75 to cover approximately 300 sqft. DIY cleaning will be lot cheaper, it could cost $10 – $15 for half a gallon of chemical concentrate and renting the cleaning machine could be $20 per day. Stain removers and pet odor removers could cost between $4 and $5 per bottle. Hence, the budget could be the real deal breaker in hiring a professional carpet cleaner. However, often it becomes inevitable since the carpet is bound to deteriorate in quality.


Knowing how to clean your carpet alone is not enough. You need to have the right equipment and the right chemicals. The right machine also has to be bought or hired. DIY cleaning could be done to remove odor and minor stains. However, if the carpet has lost it sheen and needs professional care, then professional carpet cleaning becomes a necessity. This could be pretty expensive, you may have to plan the activity ahead and set aside funds for it.


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