How to remove food spillovers like wine/sauces from carpet?

How to remove food spillovers like wine/sauces from carpet?

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Clearing off food spills can be quite daunting. If you have had a party at your place, then it could essentially be a nightmare. One golden rule with food spills does not let them dry off. This will only mean you put in twice the effort to remove them. Ideally, try to clean the stains immediately or at least ensure that they are moist enough to reduce your effort. We look at various ways in which you can remove food spills such as wine/sauces from carpet effectively.

Categorizing the stains

Stains need to be categorized as minor and major stains. This will help determine the kind of solution to be used. If the food spills have dried up or are leaving a pungent odor, you may have to leave the solution overnight. This will ensure that the stain comes off easily when you scrub in the morning, the odor will also be gone.

remove food spillovers like sauces from carpet

Using chemical solutions

Chemical solutions are used for after-party cleanup. They ensure that the carpet is completely free of odor and it also dis-infects the place completely. The stains left by sauces could be stubborn and may need separate attention. You may have to use a spray to tend to such tough stains. As a first step identify the major stains and tend to them, a post which you can do a complete vacuum. When you vacuum, you may have to repeat moves in every small area, thus ensure effective cleaning.

Using homemade solutions

You can use the water and vinegar solution. Rub this solution all over the carpet overnight and cleanup in the morning. For areas with tough stains, you could add the borax, rocksalt and vinegar solution. Leaving them overnight will soften the stains, it will come off without much effort. You will have to scrub the major stains with borax and rocksalt by repeatedly spraying vinegar and water.

Use rubber gloves to treat stains

Always use rubber gloves while cleaning your carpet. Irrespective of whether you use homemade or chemical solution, it is ideal to protect your hands. If you are using chemicals, then it is mandatory to use rubber gloves to ensure that you do not come in contact with the chemical. It could potentially cause skin disorders and irritability. You may also consider wearing a cloth mask to ensure that you do not breathe in too much of the chemical. This may be particularly necessary if the chemical is too pungent.

remove food spillovers like wine from carpet

Use an appropriate scrubber

A good scrubber is a primary requirement for removing major stains. They ensure that the effort on your hand is lesser. Also, consider replacing your scrubber regularly. Scrubbers tend to lose their coarse surface with repeated use.

Professional cleaners to the help

If you are too lazy to put in so much effort, especially if the wine and sauce stains are far too much to handle. Professional cleaners come to the rescue. You can book an appointment and they will take care of the needful. You can hire chemical service or the green service depending on your budget and need.


Wine/sauce stains can be tough to remove; they also leave a stench if not tended immediately. You can use homemade solutions or chemical solutions available in the market. You also have the option of hiring a professional to remove the stains and disinfect the place.

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