Why You Should Not DIY Air Duct Cleaning?

Why You Should Not DIY Air Duct Cleaning?

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When was the last time that you had your air-conditioner serviced by a professional cleaner? Did you know that regular cleaning of the air ducts is essential to regulate the air flow in your house, keep allergies at bay and enhance energy efficiency? While you could be wondering why invest in a professional cleaner when you can do it all by yourself? We will tell you why.

What does a professional cleaner do?

When you appoint a professional air duct cleaner, he is essentially appointed to clean the air ducts and vents. He is responsible for the cleaning of all the elements in the HVAC system. This includes a range of things like the return and supply air ducts, grilles, diffusers, exchanges and the entire air handling unit.

Why is all the cleaning required in the first place?

If these parts and components of an air-conditioner are not maintained, it can lead to a build-up of dust, pollen and mold. So when you switch on your AC or your heater, all the spores are released into the air for you to inhale. While this could be absolutely harmless for some, airborne spores could have a tremendous impact on people with allergies or compromised immune system. Moreover, the only way to get rid of built-up mold is to regularly clean the air ducts and vents.

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Can you clean the air ducts by yourself?

Since most of the surfaces that need thorough cleaning are hard to reach, a DIY approach will only lead to unnecessary scratches on the surface of the air-conditioner. There are areas like the ventilation system that might run underneath the floor or through the wall. These areas will be absolutely impossible to clean by yourself.

Breaking down the cleaning process

You might initially be able to clean the first few layers of dust and debris. However, to be fully assured that you have been able to clean the air ducts properly, you need professional help. A thorough air duct and ventilation cleaning require a powerful vacuum system.

This vacuum system needs to have multi-brush attachments that are specifically designed to help loosen debris and draw them out with the help of suction. The final step is to blow out the particles from inside the house to the outside.

A Basic DIY Procedure

If you must clean the air ducts yourself, consider following a simple routine of cleaning and maintaining them. The first step is to mix household cleaners like bleach with water. The second step is to dip a cloth in the prepared mix and thoroughly clean out the system. These two steps will need to be repeated frequently until professional cleaner visits for a thorough cleansing.

How will this help?

This basic DIY cleaning will help in removing the first or maybe the second layer of spores from the top. This will help in improving the quality of air flow to a certain extent. You will be able to breathe easy until the appointed professional cleaner is there to do his job.

What is the need for a professional then?

The proper use of outdoor ventilation equipment and a thorough knowledge of the cleaning procedure is required to maintain your air ducts. Only a cleaner will be able to tell you if there is mold. However, it does not end there since the mold will need to be tested and removed by a mold professional.

Avoid DIY as far as possible

If you have floor vents, your professional will have to get down on the floor and check for damages to furniture or other valuables. A DIY approach will not be able to solve the entire problem since only a thorough cleaning of the air ducts can help in long-term maintenance of your air-conditioner.

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